The Mentalist – S06.01 – Desert Rose

Shortly after posting the previous blog about the previous season (5) of the Mentalist, Miz received a txt from Olster to say that season 6 starts off with a bang and that I will enjoy them! So with that glowing endorsement, Miz HAD to get right into the next episodes so that she is up-to-date. Keeping up to date with shows is going to be a lot easier when The Block finishes 🙂

There were peanuts in their shells at the first victim’s house. And the victim had a $50,000 engagement ring! Then suicide by cop happened. Excellent start to the season which started where the last one left off after Lisbon watched the video.

Burtrum revealed that everyone in the CBI knows that Jane is getting closer. Lisbon and Jane are sent on an out-of-town job possibly to get them out of the city so that Red John can strike? Jane is adamant that no one else should know about the 7 names. But then Partidge (also on the list) shows up at the new out-of-town crime scene. Jane looks at him weird and Partridge pulls him up on it but he’s a very good actor if he is indeed Red John (Miz thought: Do the actors know which one is Red John? If not, then they are just acting normally in character but if one of them knew all along / recently, then that blows my mind.)

Then of course Lisbon tells the team about the list. They are so tight that it’s natural. But Jane is peeved and this is the beginning to the climatic conclusion of this episode. Basically Lisbon gets a call that one of the suspects is doing something, so she goes and checks that out, with no immediate back-up and not telling anyone in her team where she is going (classic tv cop move!).

And then the first suspect gets (supposedly) struck off the list: Partridge is found bound and bleeding, gurgling “tiger tiger” and then dies. Yes, that was Miz’s first choice of suspect. Maybe that is why he was killed first: because he was an obvious choice because he wasn’t in the top three of candidates. Maybe.

But then PLOT TWIST. Lisbon is grabbed. Jane gets a call from Lisbon but it’s actually Red John taunting Jane while drawing his tell-tail smiley face on Lisbon’s face.“Sorry, Patrick — Teresa can’t come to the phone right now. Can I take a message? I’ll tell her you called.” OH NO. Surely she can’t be dead. Miz thinks this will simply be a taunt to Jane; they wouldn’t kill her off at this stage of the season.

TIl next episode which will have to wait until later in the week. Dognammit.

(PS Miz now believes that Haffner is Red John. Or all 6 left which would be a real disappointment. Ta ta for now.)



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