The Mentalist – Season 5 review and who is Red John?

Well Miz has finished powering through this season of The Mentalist as she wants to be on the same page as the rest of the world when season 6 reveals Red John. Her thoughts on season 5 are a bit all over the place – kind of like this season – but it’s nice to see a show that is wrapping up a bunch of the main story lines and characters (aka Lorelei) without watching them wither and die / fiss out like so many tv shows do. (Miz assumed that season 6 would be the last season but rumours are that it hasn’t been cancelled or renewed so this storyline could be drawn out for another season…)

This season delved into the relationship between Lorelei and Red John – (as an aside, does anyone else think that Lorelei and Elena/Katharine/Nina from Vampire Diaries look EXACTLY alike??) – and while it was obvious from the moment Lorelei went rogue, and told Jane that he has shook hands with Red John, that she would have to die, at least there was some resolution. Sure, the cliffhanger of season 5 (where there was a shoot out in the desert) couldn’t be matched by this season, but fans of this show since the beginning will surely enjoy the continuity leading into the final season and the slow erosion of Red John’s secret life.

Jane and the CBI (not to mention the avid viewers) are now left with 7 names of who Red John is. These will obviously be explored in the final season of The Mentalist, but it made for compelling reading and provoked thoughts on all Jane’s interactions with each character on the list. Miz for one hopes it is someone close enough the Jane that if you rewatched the entire series you would read things into each interaction.

What attributes does Red John have?

  • Has been known as “Roy” in past crimes.
  • Male with a former lover who was blind (Rosalind).
  • Knows computers as has gained access to CBI’s secure network and other computer systems.
  • Knows William Blake poetry so presumably literate and educated.
  • Is a “team player” with lots of incredibly loyal agents/operatives who provide Jane and the CBI with many red herrings.
  • Likes smily faces as a red painted one is his signature at a crime. This is created by using three fingers of his right hands while wearing gloves.

Who is Red John?

1) Bret Stiles – The leader of the church/cult Visualise (Self-Realization Center) who has had a bunch of dodgy storylines around him and his cult. Miz: Obvious choice so probably not.

2) Gale Betram – Director of CBI. Miz: NO.

3) Raymond Haffner – CBI agent. Miz: NO.

4) Reede Smith – FBI agent. Miz: NO but he’s super cute. And he’s only been introduced in this season so that’s not enough interaction.

5) Bob Kirkland – Homeland security agent who is either Red John or an agent. Miz: this is too obvious so can’t be him. He’s a nasty piece of work though by killing the coma patient. Booo.

6) Sheriff Thomas McAllister – A sheriff from ages ago (second episode). Miz: potentially but she’s forgotten who this character is. However if it is him this would be a major let down. We want it someone closer to Jane and who has reoccurred more than one in the entire 5 seasons.

7) Brett Partridge – CBI forensics analyst. Miz: potentially but she’s forgotten who this character is but did remember that he had a creepy voice similar to Red John. But the timeline works for him the best as he could be old enough to work at a Visualise farm in 1988.


So basically Miz thinks it’s going to be either Sheriff or Brett as she’s forgotten these characters. A close third is Bret as she thinks he is dodgy as hell. Also, are they going to reveal who he is early and then chase him down? Or is it going to be red herring after red herring where each of the 7 people gets crossed off the list? Could it actually be Cho (Miz hopes not as he’s most excellent)?

As an aside, Miz freaking likes Van Pelt and Rigsby. Long may that continue! Volker is mean and crazy and I want Lisbon to TAKE HIM DOWN. In a fiery tomb of doom. I know he’s in prison now but surely he is too crafty to stay there for long.


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