Once Upon a Time – Casting Choices

So, Miz and JJ have just heard that Marilyn Manson (yes, *that* Marilyn Manson) is joining the Once cast.

Initial action: WHUT?!

Second reaction, upon further thought: WHUT?! No. No, Once producers, stahp.

This feels like the worst kind of stunt casting, which rarely works out well; the most heinous and egregious recent example of which I still can’t speak about without my blood pressure skyrocketing. Yes, he’s only going to be providing a voice, but it’s for the Shadow, who it seems like they’re shaping up to be a Big Bad (which is odd, as so far it appears the Shadow is either a) an extension of Pan’s self or b) a collection of entities, more a race than a character, so it will be interesting to see how they develop what was previously a plot device as something we can either empathise with or enjoy hating on). This means if he gets it wrong, it could be horribly wrong.

Anyway, his character is set to debut in November, so we shall wait and see, but I’m giving a pre-emptive “Harrumph!”.


2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time – Casting Choices

  1. JJ’s reaction to this casting news also included the GOLDEN phrase: It feels so stunty. I’m having flashbacks to “Russel Crowe is Javert”.

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