Hart of Dixie – S03.02 – Friends in Low Places

Joel is comic relief for Bluebell – it’s too hot and there is too much adjustment. Allergic reactions to cumin and peanuts, fire ants. Hilarious. As was Tom’s fan reaction to meeting “famous author” Joel. Also enjoyable is Joel seeing Bluebell through the eyes of a new resident.

Sex all around: Lemon and Meatball, George and (Levon’s cousin) Linley. Both of which will be great when the close-knitted community gets wind of these sexytimes. The sexytimes-that-aren’t-happening-but-everyone-thinks-they-are-having-relations are Wade and Lemon. Good times. Lemon is just so highly strung that this “friends with benefits” regime is enjoyable.

Linley is manipulative and has Levon wrapped around her little finger!! Levon is so naive when it comes to women … Good luck to him. At least Annabeth is around. She’s most excellent. Not as excellent as Rose, who would be a regular.


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