Vampire Diaries – S05.03 – Original Sin

Do you reckon that the producers of The Vampire Diaries just scour American soil for attractive people and then cast them? Because hot damn all the males are H.O.T and the females just keep coming in their flawless shapes.

Basically the premise of this episode is that Stefan didn’t switch off his humanity switch, now he is tied to Silas and has had his conscious mind/memory erased as part of this tie (meaning no memory of Damon or Elena or Delana – good thing?). Silas’ ex-girlfriend, Qetsiyah/Tessa, is a pyscho beetch and spices up this cast. Tessa is paranoid and delusional, as well as being an all powerful witch (like the top witch of all subsequent witches!) who made the immortality cure, created the Other Side and proceeded to cut the heart out of Silas’ lover who he left her for like 2000 years ago (the lover was the first Elena/Katharine doppelganger). A woman scorned and all that jazz. She is awesome. We need more crackpot hot females on tv.

Tessa also said that the universe and destiny conspire together and Elena and Stefan’s doppelgangers in lives past always end up together. Always. Means that Delena shouldn’t last. So either they will break up or they will fight destiny according to Tessa and end up together. But before this big reveal was this very very cute speech by Damon to Elena which was basically “keep safe you crazy lady, I love you and I want to spend all my forevers with you”. CUTE.

However there are two sets of dopplegangers running around so maybe that will screw up “destiny”.

A bunch of the cast was missing from this episode which was a bit odd: no Bonnie, Jeremy, Caroline, hot Jesse and weird lecturer guy. Meanwhile Matt is haunted slash possessed by traveller Gregor who is Nadia’s friend who was killed last episode, who didn’t die as Nadia hid him in Matt. Confused yet? So are we. We don’t even know who the travellers are. Grumble.

BUT the cure is in Katharine’s blood. Oh la la. Which is why Silas wants Katharine. I love this show!!

(Also, prediction: Tessa will drop teh veil again and Bonnie will come back. I doubt Aleric will come back, but Bonnie def has to come back so that the three girls are happily ever after and Jeremy and Bonnie can have cute kids together).



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