Revenge – S03.03 – Confession

OH MAN this was one of the best episodes of Revenge Miz has seen for a very long time – even though there was no red sharpie! Oh man oh man oh man.

Immediate thoughts:

– Aiden IS working with Emily to take down Vicky. Huzzah! And they seem to love each other which is actually growing on me even though I’m Team Jack. Interestingly I’ve turned away from GO HOME AIDEN NO ONE LIKES YOU to YAH PLOT TWIST GO AIDEN BRING DOWN VICKY. Aiden got shot in the heart by Daniel and Emily only just found out. That is very cute. Also, prediction: Aiden will die at the end of this season so that Emily and Jack can be together with no(t many) strings.

– If Nolan and Patrick have a passionate love affair, I wouldn’t be upset. Quite the opposite really. Writers MAKE THIS HAPPEN. Sparks.

– Do all rich people wear white to parties? If so, we need to jump on that bandwagon immediately.

– Loved the family photograph of the Greyson’s in the background while Conrad and Vicky have their tiff and vases are thrown. Also, on that note, do rich people have different bankruptcy rules than others? Surely they would have had to sell all these vases, NOT TO MENTION THEIR HUGE HOUSE.From:

– Was Miz the only one who was wishing that it was Conrad who had been thrown from the car? Did the car crash cos Conrad was on the meds? Or was it sabotaged by someone (Vicky, Patrick, Daniel, Charlotte, etc = there is a big list!)?

– Does Nolan dress up for fun or for reals? He convict t-shirt of his own mugshot was hilariously awesome but his party outfit was just comical.

Oh, so man emotions. I loved the scene at the party between Emily and Vicky where Emily announces that the Greyson’s are now bankrupt. The other favourite scene was when Emily disrupted Patrick and Vicky’s lunch on the deck – their banter is one of the BEST things about this show. Other plot lines are dragged out and alliances change, characters change motivations, but Emily and Vicky’s banter goes strong. Well played writers.

Daniel is a wuss. He annoys Miz: tells Emily off in a childish manner for keeping secrets and then well and behold, we has not told her about shooting Aiden OR that awful French girl tried to seduce him. Also random French girl is fierce but I didn’t see her and Jack together. Well played writers. Also, he’s entirely made it obviously to French girl that there is something about Nolan he doesn’t want anyone to know. Good work on keeping him a secret; you’ve just made fierce French girl more interested and determined. Fail101.

Final shout out to the writers: After Nolan interrupts Daniel and Emily’s “disagreement”, we next see them at the party. And Daniel calls Emily “Babe”. If looks could kill, Daniel would be dead. What a snotty terms of endearment after a fight about fidelity and truth. Grrr. Well played writers.

Final final though: Surely Daniel needs to die in this programme or get sent to run the magazine in France? JJ, thoughts? My thoughts of “go home Aiden” have rapidly shifted to “go home Daniel no one likes you.”


2 thoughts on “Revenge – S03.03 – Confession

  1. Herewith follow my responses to your reactions:

    Huzzah?!?! Nonononono. Aidan returning remains a huge, hot mess of awful, terrible, no-good ideas. From Emily and the scriptwriters alike. Although I should’ve known he’d pull a Padma when we didn’t see the corpse. Always ask to see the corpse. It’s like Rule No. 1.

    NolTrick = yes. Nolan can win the (admittedly very pretty) Patrick away from EvilTeam Grayson and onto Ravenclaw. I mean, team NolEm. I disliked the Boys Against Hysterical Wimmins undertone though; was a bit macho-Neanderthal for me, and Nolan’s always seemed, well, smarter than that. Although fair play, neither Emily nor Victoria is what you could call low-maintenance in those boys’ lives.

    One of the reasons I think I would fail spectacularly at being rich is the apparent compulsion to wear white to ALL THE THINGS, at which I would inevitably end up looking like a particularly uninspired Pollock, with all the food, beverage and Gods-know-what else dribbled on my couture. If I ever get hitched, I’d have to Scotchguard my wedding dress. Also I want to point out that Emily is a total doll with her hair half up – she looks so young and innocent! Jack, take note.

    I think the house and stuffs would probs be hidden in trusts and suchlike. As I understand Rich Folk, once they acquire a Shiny New Thing they immediately legally disavow all claim to it and put it in the name of Mr Mittens. Or something.

    Conrad dying in the car would’ve been neater (and less sad – I liked the rapscallion priest!) but less satisfying, plus brings home to Emily, again, that a) her Revenge is impacting Good People in Bad Ways and b) if you want something done right, you have to ruin them yourself. I’d be tempted to assume Vicky was behind the crash (as soon as he told her his plans I was all “Oh silly boy, now you gon’ die!!” especially after she hit him so pathetically, but I don’t see how she could have tampered with the brakes in time. Patrick perhaps?

    Nolan’s fashion. Let’s just take a moment to recap. First, there was the party-planning outfit he wore at his house, which he accessorised with either the saddest, tiniest and most raggedy bandana ever, or a noose made by a sad tiny pirate doll. The selfie-mug-shot t-shirt was inspired Nolan fabulosity and I loved it hard, but then we had the awkward-80s-sailor-suit. I just…why?!?! A rollercoaster of emotion, and not in a good way. The fashion-go-round was as inexplicable as the weirdly-terrible and wholly-unnecessary CGI seagull swooping above the Revenge Cottage. So odd. Also on fashion, I loved that as soon as Conrad got sick, he donned a cardy. Nice. 🙂

    Obviously, I am with you 1000% on Vicky/Emily banter. It is as fantastic as they are. Which is a lot. Fact.

    I don’t really want to talk about Daniel. I would *love* for Margaux to send him to France for a couple of episodes because then no-one [Emily] would have to pretend they missed him as ‘he’ll be back in a few weeks’. My only problem with him dying / leaving permanently is that it makes it harder for Emily to get into the Graysons’ inner circle and engage in Vicky banter/poison Conrad/swap their sugar and salt etc. And I don’t know that they can set up another entrée for her with the summer’s end closing in so fast. So I think we’re stuck with him and his whining and childishness, so I shall ignore him so far as is possible. And Aidan still needs to go home. Again, if he dies, it makes Emily sad and angry, whereas if he just leaves Jack can be shown up as the One Who’s Always There.

    Other thoughts, in no particular order:
    *I love Nolan’s party ideas, and him name-dropping “Loubies”.
    *Why does Emily just wander into Conrad’s sick room of a morning? BOUNDARIES PEOPLE. The Graysons have NONE.
    *Margaux and Char-not are the WORST pair up ever. So boring together. Although watching Jack destroy Margie could be funsies.
    *Lol Fr Paul is counselled by Yoda. And how did Emily bust into the confessional?! I have never encountered a Catholic Church that wasn’t replete with people (mainly elderly women) ready to shoo you away from looking improperly at the paintings, let alone sneaking into the priestly side of a Godchatbox. Also Emily, point of fact, if he goes in to confession *to confess*, you’re not covered by confessional oath. Also also I want some of her disappearing powder. Does she have dirt on Batman, too?
    *Charbeige has a painful home truth rammed down her throat and responds with a makeover / suggestion that the grieving, angry widower go to a party. Calassay. Gods I’m over her.
    *Finally, wow Emily does quiet dignified emotion so well!!! Adore.

    And that is that.

  2. I’m not going to get a chance to watch the new one until later in the week so JJ feel free to blog before I do if you want 🙂

    I maintain I don’t mind that Aiden has returned. And he looked dashing in his suit at the pool party.

    I like that “pull a Padma” is now a known phrase between us. And we use it with disdain!

    I also thought that the random hair styling had changed this season – she’s not as fierce with her hair half up and half down.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Vicky didn’t want Conrad to die in that car. That’s why she didn’t have time to put on shoes before chasing him out the door. Maybe she actually meant to kill Daniel or Charlotte? Who knew who was going to be driving that car next! ooo Or maybe Patrick tampered with the car. Serial killer facade who will make Nolan fall in love with him and then KABOOM everyone dies.

    On that note: Miz predicts that Patrick “kills” Emily on the boat thingy. Or Jack. I’m torn.

    I also appreciated that they made Conrad age with sickness by wearing a grandpa cardy. Yo go you creative costume people!!

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