Criminal Minds – S09.04 – To Bear Witness

This episode was one of the most unnerving episodes Miz and TechSupport have ever watched. There’s something about eyes that freaks me out – anything to do with injuring them, makes us skirmish. This episode featured cameras INSIDE eyes and lobotomies of victims. It is super gross. Especially when the resulting video is broadcasted to the entire world via the world wide web.

So this was a particularly gruesome crime involving the torture of family members. The unnerving Unsub was played by David Anders who has also recently on Once Upon a Time and Vampire Diaries, two other programmes that we are watching at the same time so that was a tad confusing! If he turns up on Game of Thrones or Revenge, it will blow my mind. A tad.

But there were other things that underpinned this episode that opened a whole ‘nother can of worms!! JJ and the new Station Chief “Matt” have a past relationship that leans towards an affair, though Miz suspects this is a red herring because JJ is super awesome and not at all like that. Stems from work so maybe they were husband and wife in an undercover team?? :

JJ: I know why we can’t tell them. I get that, but we can’t have too many of these conversations either.
Cruz: That case could stay open for a couple of years.
JJ: It’s already been almost three

Rossi busted them (they were standing by the elevators but neither had actually pushed the button) and so he totally knows. I mean what do you expect to happen?! You’re surrounded by profilers! Matt was welcomed slash accepted by Morgan who shook his hand at the end of the episode. Nice touch.


2 thoughts on “Criminal Minds – S09.04 – To Bear Witness

  1. YES I am so glad you also have faith in JJ’s fidelity. She is awesome and not cheating. I second the undercover styles.

    And also I giggled a little when I realised the mad scientist was… Dr Frankenstein from Once. Snorgle. But also I couldn’t see much of his acting because I was hiding behind my hands because OH GODS NO EYES ARGH BLECH PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!!!! *ahem* Yeah I hate eye-stuff too. Not cool.

    Have to say, though – I didn’t really care that much about his story. It was a bit meh. And the whole ‘mummy and daddy loved my sister more’ seemed tacked on. I guess I’m just used to getting a bit more justification/understanding of the killer than what we got with this ep. That said, I thoroughly enjoyed the bits I saw, especially the Reid / Blake crossword interaction. Swoon!

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