Vampire Diaries – S05.02 – True Lies

Man this season is hot hot hot. Damon and Elena’s passion is amazing and underpins every scene of this new season. Apart from that, we see that Elena and Caroline’s easy-going freshman’s year isn’t going according to plan. Two new characters – hot student and hot student – Dr Maxwell is weird and seems to know all and may or may not be working with Jesse (who is super untrusty and surely he killed Megan, right?). Oo I like this development in another world away from Mystic Falls.

Matt and Jeremy have joined forces to save Katherine – of course she’s not grateful and is all dirty now that she’s a human and on the run from Silas – and Matt died for the first time and found out the truth about Bonnie being a somewhat-ghost, though he promptly forgot it when he became back alive.

Interesting twist was Nadia turning on her gypsy friend – maybe she wants Silas’ babies? Silas is an interesting character isn’t he? I mean he just seems so good at everything and immortal and stuffs I mean how on earth are you going to kill someone like that?

PS Do we have Ripper Stefan back and is Elena going to have to save him (again)? Argh. I guess want him to meet a nice girl, and settle down, and live happily ever after. For a vampire.


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