Glee – S05.03 – The Quarterback

This was the episode that all Gleeks, all pop culture fans, had been waiting for. And Bethany and Miz watched it together on a Friday night. And we cried. Boy did we cry. The only negative is that I wish there were more flashbacks. Otherwise, perfect sendoff to someone who made Glee what is is. Sad faces.

The episode picked up three weeks after Finn died. No inclination was made as to how he died, just that life is important and that people grieve in their own ways – no tears, organisation, breaking down, anger, acceptance, and of course in song. Notably absence was Quinn (apparently no one likes her in real life) and Brittany (literally having a baby) but all the old cast came back to pay their respects. Kurt, Carole and family Burt the most upsetting with tears jetting out of Miz’s face when Carole describes the loss of being a mother but without a child, as well as Rachel’s goodbye scene with Mr Shue. One of the most surprising moments came from Santana who yelled at Sue for not loving Finn, when she was really yelling at herself.



Sue summed it up perfectly: “He was such a good guy, and I’ll never get to tell him. There’s no lesson here, there’s no happy ending, there’s nothing. He’s just gone. He would have been an excellent teacher. I thought I’d spend the next 30 years teaching alongside him … It’s just so pointless, all that potential.” Suicide, drug-use, accidental death – anyone that is gone too soon. Just so pointless.

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Rachel’s/Lea Michele’s real tears when singing Make You Feel My Love was painful to watch. Tears by everyone watching this inside the show and outside the tv set. And James Taylor’s Fire and Rain will always be one of my favourites and this song will never ever be the same. I never thought of it as a funeral song. but it is so perfect to remember the loss of a loved one.

Fitting send off to both Finn and Cory Miz thinks. Maybe when the tears clear Miz would be happy to discuss if you disagree. Until such time, RIP.


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