Criminal Minds – S09.03 – Final Shot

This episode “commemorates” the anniversary of JFK’s assassination and man it’s good to see the writers of Criminal Minds being awesome again. This episode was fantastic. There was a sniper who was seemingly awful at being a sniper – 50% hit rate (6 out of 12 people died). But this was a misdirection. As was the whole other story.

Interesting fact: snipers stay awake for 72 hours. In order to do so they often create a whole ‘nother fantasy scene to stay awake. This factoid underpinned this episode. Miz guessed the twist, though not the ending. Guess Hotch has a secret power. Way to go Hotch!!!

Oh and JJ is hiding something about a potentially abusive past. JJ and Morgan’s scene with the General was fantastic – they knew what the other did in order to bait the guy and provoke a reaction. Amazing, basically the reason EVERYONE wants to be a behavioural analyst. The end.



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