Game of Thrones – S01.10 – Fire and Blood (final episode)

Ned died. Miz had to keep watching. Ayra is reformed into a boy with Needle which will save her life. I enjoy her. Bran is told that his beloved daddy is dead. Robb beats up a tree with his sword. Catelyn is visually upset. Sad faces for all 😦

Is there anyone in the world who LIKES Joffrey?! That man is pure evil. Please please tell me he dies by the third season. I suspect there was rioting in the streets and parties to celebrate his downfall!! What kind of HUMAN brings Sansa to see the head of her father on a stake while talking about impregnating her and commanding that she refers to him as “Your Grace” not “Your Lord”? And then gets another man to strike her?! Man I hope she poisons him or slits his throat. What a villain OF THE HIGHEST ORDER. I really cannot fathom how evil someone has to be. I wish Ayra’s direwolf had finished him off in the beginning, or comes back as a huge (actual size) direwolf and kills him now.

I can’t help but think that the rest of the Lannister’s think they have lost control over Joffery and are secretly banging their heads against the wall thinking “we needed Ned you dumbass”. Stupid stupid boy.

More beer please TechSupport.

Please tell me dragons come soon. I swear that the dragons were planted to counter the hatred of Joffrey. [This thought obviously continues below…]

Robb was made slash proclaimed King of the North. Oh this game of thrones.

Oh Jaime told Catelyn that he pushed Bran off the edge. After she smashed his jaw with a rock. Lady, you have some self control. I applaud you. I would have bashed his head in (in metaphoric land of tv fantasy of course!!).

Tyrion was asked to be Hand of the King, in probably the best move the Lannister family has ever made. However he can’t take Shae to court – presumably because she is an embarrassment. Surely he will spit on this custom just to piss off his daddy.

Dany’s unborn baby died. Sad face again. How much was it the witches fault and how much was fate? The witch just annoys me to be fair, I hope she is able to do something nice for Dany since Dany saved her from certain death. Drogo was left outside to be warm in a sad scene reminiscent of letting weak family members simply die in the desert, and then Dany smothers Drogo with a cushion to put him out of his misery. Was Dany’s baby really meant to be a dragon? Or was that just an interesting description? [Once again, obviously this continues below]

Ayra makes a new boy friend dressed as a boy. Who is this? I hope we can come to like him.

In a somewhat surprising move, Snow has deserted the Watch to go and stand with Robb. Looks like he’s made a lot of friends though who chase him to stop him from breaking his vows. Don’t die from going north of the wall Snow. I love Snow. And he loves me:

A legitiimate real life picture of Miz and Snow being happy ever after

And now for the super important part which I’ve literally be waiting for all season for: DRAGONS!!!

Drogo is burnt and Dany walks into the fire unable to be burnt – she has faith that as the last dragon, she will be unharmed by fire. And then she has three dragons!! Oh man she is the coolest person in this show. AND DRAGONS!!!! THEY HATCHED!!!! Oh man I was so freaking excited that I may have clapped and cheered very very loudly!! Best. finish. Ever.

Also, how good is the Dany casting?!?! Love love love it.

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