Game of Thrones – S01.09 -Baelor

Raining outside in Wellingtontown. So Miz watches GoT and has a beer (you know, cos it’s been a long week thus far and it’s a Thursday). Miz was quite happy that she didn’t read anything about this episode before watching it on today’s stormy night.

Reaction #1: WHAT,  did that really happen?!?! Blooming hell that is no fun!! TechSupport managed to keep that one a secret. Just anther reason why we HATE Joffrey I guess – he had the chance to be honourable and he was just awful. Poor Ayra and Sansa. [As an aside the cinematography of this moment was stunning – slowing down of breathing, seeing the girls’ face, the thud of the sword and the ravens flowing.] I wasn’t completely unsurprised as I liked him and I was always told not to like any character. I was more surprised that something like this happened before the season finale but I’m beginning to realise that there is nothing conventional about this show/George. It’s actually pretty surprisingly that a show can exist even after the main character (well the character that we were introduced to first in this show so we have the greatest connection with) is killed off. Well played George.

Reaction #2: I suppose that Kahl will die of his infections. Was it because he wore too much eye makeup? LOLz. It was sad that such a great warrior could die from a simple infection from a wound. Is it weird that I will be more upset if he dies than Ned?

Other random thoughts follow:

There was a lot of politicking in this episode. Ned is strongwilled and won’t confess to Joffrey hence signing his own death warrant; Robb is marching with many men to save his daddy; and Catelyn pleads to some old man to open the gates for Robb’s army to get through to the King’s land. Or something. Geography has never been my strong point. Catelyn did win the negotiations though – but Ayra is now betrothed (and we saw that she is still alive albeit hungry). Oh and  betrothed is Robb. Giggles when Robb asks whether Catelyn got a look at the daughters and his mother replies that one is … [nice-ish]. Robb captures Jaime and reminds his followers that this is but a minor victory and that “this war is far from over”.

YAH Snow is back!! He’s my favourite Stark. He gets a new sword from the Commander (because he and the direwolf saved him from the evil dead zombies) that has a direwolf head rather than the Commander’s sigil the bear. Cooool. And all the other boys love the sword. The sword is huge. But Jon is still friends with Samwell – loyalty yah. Then Snow finds out that Robb is going to war and Jon looks shocked. And dismayed. And then feel guilty that he’s not there to help him. Snow is taught a lesson about the tug of war between duty and honour vs love and family. And he has to choose: “I may be a bastard but he is my father. And he is my brother!” His vows to the Nightwatch are being tested.

[ALSO: I did background research as I was confused about who the Commander’s son is and why he brought dishonour on the family. So, JJ/Matty correct me if I’m wrong, he is Jorah who is Dany’s friend correct?The old blind guy at the wall (Maester Aemon) at the Wall is a Tygarion – the old ruling people. I think this means that this guy gave up being king because of his duty of being a Nightwatchman. Or something. I think. I’m confused and TechSupport tried to explain it to Miz – he’s read this book. JJ, help?]

Tyrion gets more action in this episode. And by action I mean sexytime with Shae. Also I’m not sure Shae is a good influence however and I am not convinced on this casting choice… I do root for Tyrion when he gets the ladies. Hehe “roots”. I crack myself up! We did find out that Tyrion used to be married which was a surprise as we only see him being a non-committal ladies man but it was sad when we found out that Jaime set up the whole fake marriage thing. One of the most entertaining scenes was when Tyrion was knocked out so never fought in the battle! I giggled!!

Final thought:

Tyrion Slaps Joffrey


2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones – S01.09 -Baelor

  1. Hehehe that gif is fantastic.

    As to your questions, yep Jorah (Dany’s puppy) is the Old Bear’s disgraced son. Aemon is (/was, as you give up your family when you take the black or become a maester) a Targaryen, but he was a younger younger brother so he never expected to be King.
    Also I completely agree about Ned’s death – given how gory the show can be, it made it all the more affecting to just see reactions rather than the act itself. *sniff*

  2. Yeah so aemon is like Dany’s great uncle or something and one of the last dragons although probably one that burns. The other thing is that Jorah hates ned cause it was ned who banished him. Although this is probably inconsequential unless he comes across a Stark in a later book.

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