Vampire Diaries – S05.01 – I Know What You Did Last Summer

Miz’s guilty pleasure is Vampire Diaries. It’s like PLL on crack. It was nice to see this show developing where Caroline and Elena go off to college (Whitmore College) – you can’t play 18 forever girls (aside from the fact that they are vampires and never age yadda yadda). Annnddd it looks like there are rogue killer vampires on campus which will keep our two girls happy. Megan’s death was interesting and posts many questions – will be good to see how this is played out … Good storyline development me thinks.

Stefan is now Silas and man Paul Wesley plays evil well. Miz wasn’t sure how this storyline would go, but so far so good. That man/vampire is crazy town.

And it’s good seeing Elena carefree and excited about college. She’s was so moody in the last season that it’s nice to see a bounce in her step / smile on her dial (thanks Damon – love making and love saying!). [As an aside, how awkward would it be to play the hot and steamy girlfriend of your ex? awkward turtle]

The storyline I’m least enthused with is Bonnie as a ghost. I guess Mayor had to die, but this storyline is a bit empty. Are we expecting Bonnie to come alive? Or feed Jeremy all the information he needs – aka just a storytelling device?

Also, favourite scene: Totally Matt having a threesome in Prague, totes adorbs! High five buddy! Pity your friend Nadia came back to bite you in the ass (metaphorically, not literally). Unexpected but awesome. I hope him and Rebekah have heaps of cross overs to The Originals.

Final piece of advice goes to Caroline: Go forth and have sexytime with many many hot boys. Or Klaus. Just not Tyler, he is too busy being all wolfy.


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