The Block NZ

Miz is a self-confessed Block-o-holic, but in the past week the general public have got nasty about the show. There have been personal insults floated about contestants to point where Miz wanted to throw shoes at tv and social media screens. Sure, I have my favourites – Loz and Tom – and the couple that I just think are adorable and I want to have them around for dinner – Alice and Caleb. CUTIES. But when people get angry at other contestants for “taking out” the fan favourites by simply winning – Pandy – then it makes me upset and sad for ALL contestants who have poured their hearts and souls into this made-for-television show. The judges’ comments don’t seem to match up with the scores and tv editing, but that isn’t a reason to hurl abuse at contestants.

Breathe. RANT OVER.

BUT, despite tossing up whether to post about the Block of not in the past few days, Miz has decided to link to a few of the more interesting things on the internet about The Block NZ:

1) Loz wrote a piece in an online magazine, The Ruminator, about crying in front of the nation. Miz admits to having her crying days (normally in front of emotional movies, tv shows, or the news), but I cannot fathom how difficult it must be on national tv when there are cameras in your faces, and your highs and lows are edited for ultimate reality tv.

2) Tom’s undies have a following on the world wide web.

3) For those of you in Auckland, go for a drive-by of the houses: on the intersection of Eversleigh Rd and Lake Rd Рthe main drag into Devonport Рon the corner furtherest from Takapuna Grammar. Google Maps satellite view of the section here). Some pictures are found in this NBR article which also talks about how nice Peter Wolfkamp is.

4) Public open days on 19th and 20th October. Apparently the road will be closed for these two days as the properties become tourist sites and locals aren’t happy about it. (Note: cute picture of Alice and Caleb accompanies this article)

4) Check out the house on Trade Me – the photos are updated when each room is finished.

5) What happened to last year’s house on The Block NZ? Miz didn’t follow last year’s season so will be interested to see what happens a year from now with these Takapuna houses.


4 thoughts on “The Block NZ

  1. I am going to dry my darndest to get to the open homes. Even if that involves a 2 hour mission each way. Hopefully being heavily pregnant will get me a sympathy seat on the ferry and bus! It’ll be worth it though

  2. Oh, and I’m stealing a lot of the paint colours from various teams – Pete and Andy’s kitchen, Alisa & Koan’s study…

  3. I went last year and it was amazing how different they look on tv vs reality. Much smaller rooms and picked up on a lot more of the minor details. I sounded so fancy talking about ‘flow’

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