Game of Thrones – S01.08 – The Pointy End

Decided to watch some gore and politicking after a nice episode of The Block. Then Miz and TechSupport discovered that there are only 10 episodes in this season. Only three more left!!

Firstly, nice to see Ayra getting screen time; and time has gone by as she has longer hair. However I maintain that all the Stark kids are so different that there must have been no thought given to them looking like kin. Just Miz’s random observation of the night. And then we saw Ayra kill a boy her her sword, Needle. Not very ladylike was that? I hope she grows up to become a warrior cos that will be awesome. I guess that means that she’ll be killed. Sigh. Also she didn’t make another appearance in this episode. At least she has Needle. Bring back Ayra.

Talking about ladies, Sansa, tut tut. Pretending to love Joffrey is just not going to cut mustard here I fear. I wish she knew how to fight as I find her character rather two dimension at this point. She took a slight step forward in my estimations this week by asking for mercy for her father. But still sigh.

Where is Robb? Haven’t seen him in like forever. Like three episodes.

Oh look, there’s Robb! Snow is hotter FYI.

Can someone please kill Catelyn’s sister (Lysa?)? And the kid (what a dick). They annoy me. Throw rocks at them.

Stone crows? Who are these people? Lords of Revale? Miz shakes her head in confusion. Le sigh. More people, more confusion.

Yah white direwolf is back!!! YAH for Ghost!! Jon saved the Commander from the thing that couldn’t be killed.

Meanwhile Khaleesi and crew are killing people, raping ladies and terrorising villages. Apparently this is okay though Dany puts a stop to it and then takes the ladies prisoner. Kahl gives his verdict in favour of Dany, while sitting near a pile of heads. We still like Kahl and team Dany and even more so when he sticks with his wife. And the fight scene ending with the throat of the loser being torn out was epic. And gross. Mainly epic. Still the best thing about this series.

Talking about the cool direwolves … Grey Wind gnawed the fingers off someone who challenged Robb during dinner. Bet that guy was drunk off his nutter not to worry about losing two fingers and cracking jokes about eating meat. Bye Robb, safe travels. (But in actual fact, you can die as long as Jon Snow and Ayra lives. They are my fav.) Catelyn basically told Robb that he should go and fight for his dad. Guess she thinks he’s grown up a bit since the season began (which is how long – no idea if years have passed).

Who came into Bran’s room? Confused. Tie in to the book I guess.

Who are the North Men and where is the Neck? Assume this is Lannisters vs Robb. Sigh, le confused again. To be fair, the whole fighting / army thing is confusing and Miz tunes out.



3 thoughts on “Game of Thrones – S01.08 – The Pointy End

  1. Confusion is the only way to get through this show. I wish everyone wore name badges. It would make my life so much easier.

  2. Oh yeah Sansa is epically annoying. As far as I can see, she’s basically living proof that ‘be nice and do everything you’re told and try to make your life like a story’ is a terrible, terrible way to live your life. Whereas Arya is badass. I love her, and Needle. Bless..

    And it’s not so much that Cat is happy for Robb to go off, but that she realises she has no choice – with Ned away Robb *is* the Lord of Winterfell and she has to a) respect that and b) support him.

    The Northmen are, roughly, the Starks and their bannermen (people like the Umbers and Karstarks, who you haven’t really met yet but basically anyone who wears a big shaggy fur coat or looks like Obelix). The Neck is a geographical feature, basically a skinny bit in Westeros (the continent that most all of the action apart from Dany’s happens on) which falls between the Riverlands (ruled by Cat’s house, the Tully’s) and the North (ruled by the Starks). The Neck means that even if the Southron kings got it into their heads to march North, the combined forces of the Northmen and Rivermen could hold them off easily as the Neck is very narrow and easy to defend. As this handy map shows, it’s also right above Lord Baelish’s crappy land. (Also the Littlefinger name is almost certainly a reference to his peen. Because boys.)

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