Game of Thrones – S01.07 – You Win or You Die

Sunday night. Game of Thrones o’clock. Then bed time.

Blah blah lots of talking blah blah character development. Jaime talking to his father while the latter is skinning a deer and the father telling him to man up and go save Tyrion with 30,000 of his own men. Also, Stark told Cersei that he knows that Joffery is the product of Cersei and Jaime, and we are somewhat more grossed out (if possible) by the reaffirmation that they are twins. Shudder.

Pretty looooong time of girl-with-girl sexytime … Man, filming these things must be SO awkward. Watching them gets a bit awkward! But we did find out that Littlefinger (? weird name) was/is in love with Catelyn Stark – well DUH. Also, he WAS A MEAN GUY ALL ALONG. Arrrrrggghhhhh, can no one trust anyone these days?! Why can’t we all just get along?

Horse arrives at the wall with no rider. The wall is high. Miz is uninterested in the wall. However, it does mean that Uncle Benjamin is missing / dead / something evil. Oh and talking about something evil: looks like King Robert will die after getting hurt at the hunt. Boooooooo. Knew this had to happen at some point but figured it would be more of an assassination attempt rather than a stupid/drunken ill thrust vs pig. And the wine may have been poisoned by Jaime?? Also, why would you not have everyone there to witness the will for Ned to become Protector of the Realm?! Silly people aren’t smart obvs. Ned is too honourable to be king – he won’t kill the right/wrong people etc. It will obviously backfire but at least he’s nice!

(PS Joffery on the throne was menacing. He’s just super creepy. Gosh that actor will never be able to play anything else considering how excellent he is at this one and how people must hate him.)

The ploy by King Robert and his advisers to kill Daenerys with wine backfired when it couldn’t be called off from his deathbed as the ravens had already flown. Jorah was the hero which was neat; he saved Dany’s life even after he got the pardon to return home (presumably because he was sent to ensure she and her brother died??). We like him. We also like Karl Drogo and his rant and anger about getting getting revenge and to invade the Seven Kingdoms to give Dany the crowd (“I will give him the iron chair”). “Moon of my life” SWOON.

I don’t really understand about the wall stuff but Snow went to the Stewards which seems wrong. I assume he did something to offend the Lord Commander. Or grooming for leadership. Samwell proved a great friend by talking Snow down from the metaphorical ledge by pointing out that he will be privy to all the Night Watch secrets. Or something. JJ, help, blanks? (PS I liked the direwolf bringing the hand!)

ooooooooooooooo … the Game of Thrones begins … ooooooooooooooo


8 thoughts on “Game of Thrones – S01.07 – You Win or You Die

  1. Haha, well Jon is certainly taking after Ned in the ‘aptitude for conniving’ stakes (i.e. they both get ‘F’s). He’s all action because he’s as direct as Ned, without Ned’s restraint, so he has zero time for politicking. I think it’s just supposed to set him up as a straight-up dude (good), in whom others see potential (good) which his own preoccupation with being ‘unworthy’ stops him from recognising (d’aww bless!). Spoiler (HashtagNotReallyButABit) – he’s kind of a good guy, in so far as such a thing exists in GoT. Also, psssht wash your mouth out – the Wall is awesome, and awe-inspiring. Mrs Radcliffe would’ve adored the Wall! And I wrote my dissertation on her, so anything she would <3, I <3.

    Yeah, I always thought it was too obvious that the tv show had Littlefinger wear the Classic Villain facial hair. How can you trust anyone with facial hair that sculpted?!?! This is why Varys takes his hairstyling tips from an oiled bowling ball. Everybody trusts a bowling ball!

    Re: Joffrey, am assuming you have seen this? It makes me happy.

    And yes. Drogo4Dany4Eva!!!!1!!elebenty!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Littlefinger is his nickname. It’s mocking the fact that he’s lord of a shittly little part of Westeros called ‘The Fingers’. His real name is Lord Baelish. Agree his facial hair is too obvious and also that the Wall is awesome. Apprently the actor who plays Joffrey is really nice and some sort of Academic and won’t act again after this anyway. Just a well.

  3. If you like someone, it doesn’t necessarily mean they die. Or die straight away. Just assume that everyone will die one day (same as real life!) and it’ll make the surprises waaay better

    • ^^ Very this. Also, sometimes it seems like people die, but they actually don’t. Although that happens more in the books – you get what you think is someone dying as the ending of a chapter and then a couple of chapters on they’re back.

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