Watch Glee? Watch this.

Watch the trailer for next week’s tribute to Finn. It’s going to be heartbreakingly amazing. SOBS.


2 thoughts on “Watch Glee? Watch this.

  1. Wowsa. I haven’t watched Glee since S1 (not even Darren Criss was enough to get me back into it, which is saying something) and this made me cry. I’m also kinda impressed that they let his character die, rather than doing an awkward carpet-stuffing ‘oh, he… went away. Upstate’*, and that the slightly-uncomfortable-to-me memorial/tribute page has a link to the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Excellent move.

    *In US-tv-land, it is well-nigh impossible to leave Upstate when you are there. I don’t know where Upstate is but it must be dreadful and probably full of bears**. So, Alaska?

    **Bears was initially autocorrected to beards. Which is probably also true of Alaska. Not sure about Upstate. Or why my phone is so suss about beards. Harsh, dude.

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