Game of Thrones – S01.06 – Golden Crown

This episode was quite entertaining as quite a lot happened – ending in a literal golden crown and the death of the dragon/Visery (aka the Dany’s awful brother). One of the best endings so far, probably the second best (not as good as Jamie pushing Bran off the cliff after the sexytime viewing in the premier). We also found out that Dany has dragon blood running through her (actual or theoretical, doesn’t really matter) as she didn’t get burnt by the fire: “He was not a real dragon, fire does not hurt a real dragon.” She’s awesome. TEAM DANY.

Turns out that King Robert needs the Lannister’s money so must do everything they say. The King buggered off on a hunting trip leaving Ned in charge (so he must still have a job then). Lysa/Catelyn’s sister’s child (the same one who was seen breastfeeding) is still creepy. Way too enthusiastic about violence and making people fly. Serial killer in the making that one. Catelyn should leave her company immediately.

Um, what else happened of note? Ned found out that the entire Baratheon family was black of hair until Joffrey – does that mean Joffrey is the son of the brother and sister? Grossed out man. Cersei was also a real bitch in this episode which apparently is more true to her character in the book. Credit to Lena Headey’s acting here to make everyone dislike her!

JJ, question time: Where is Snow boy, the direwolves and the nightwalker people? I particularly miss the wolves. They were super cool. I feel like we haven’t seen them in a while.


One thought on “Game of Thrones – S01.06 – Golden Crown

  1. Yeah, the problem is there’s so many characters you do get a few who feel left out every once in a while. Rest assured though, sometimes they come back. (Which is also the title of a really dreadful 80s B-movie horror, btw. Thoroughly recommend the sequel – Sometimes They Come Back… Again.)

    And breastfeeding past teething = bad and wrong and weird. I know people make their own choices but ARGH NO!

    And yeah, I desperately wanted to see someone get out a punnet square like we had to in third form biology, but they were all allowed to do it in their heads. Joffrey = brotherdad and sistermum. Yech.

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