Glee – S05.01 – Love, Love, Love

Miz has refrained from weighing in on the Glee episode which kicked off season 5 as she’s not a Gleek / die-hard fan. She watches it when there’s nothing else on but doesn’t really keep up with the storylines – what happened to Quinn/the baby/Mr Sho etc.  But she is super interested to see how the writers and actors deal with the sudden passing of one of the original cast members, Cory Monteith, who played Finn Hudson. Word on the street is that season 5 was gearing up to be Finn’s season – coming back to high school, being a teacher, Rachel and Finn finally ending up together. Sadly, this is not to be. So, how did this episode end up?

Well the short answer is that they didn’t mention Finn at all (though Rachel sung ‘Yesterday’ which was beautiful). Kitty and Artie are now a fully fledged couple; Kitty has gone all nice and stuffs. But the best couple is Blaine and Kurt – and there is an epic proposal too with an amazing declaration of love. TEARS. This was a bit of a jump forward in time with lots of unresolved conflicts, relationship breakups, get-togethers, personality shifts etc. A bit weird…

The Beatles song is a safe one and it made for very well known songs being performed. But, coupled with the unresolved relationship and personality changes, it was a little bit odd all around. A bit weird…

It pained me to see Rachel in the proposal scene in what must have been a horrendously hard scene for her to film. My heart breaks for her, but she’s is amazing and I think all the fans (whether Gleeks, die hards, or otherwise) will take off our hats to her and her performances. The show must go on so to speak!


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