Criminal Minds – S09.01 – Inspiration

Miz has a real live snake phobia. Legit. This was not an ideal episode for this type of phobia. Also, if you have a queasy stomach for human remains you may also have issues with this premier as you will learn about projected cannibalism and to avoid eating in public!! …

Also, MAJOR SPOILER, but crimes involving identical twins are absolutely fascinating. This was the first half of a two part episode (I think) and the cliffhanger was awesomesauce.

One of the things Miz likes slash loves about Criminal Minds is the occasional guest appearances in the show which are incredibly masterful – Dawson (James Van Der Beek), Andie (Meredith Munroe – also from the Creek!), Jane Lynch, Elle Fanning, Keith Carradine, Frankie Muniz  to name but a few off the top of my head – and this episode Fred Koehler was no exception. Creepy good acting.

So let’s recap with a major theme from the last season: With Strauss’ death last season, the job of Section Chief is up for grabs. Will Hotch or won’t Hotch? Miz’s vote is on “won’t”. The team will change way too much if Hotch moves out, not to mention he is a valued and talented criminal behavioural analyst.

Morgan: You know what they say about desk jobs.
Rossi: That’s how you get the ladies?
Morgan: No. Sitting is the new smoking.

Verdict: An excellent start for this season and will be sure to pull high ratings as long as the quality of writing and execution continues. Miz (and TechSupport) are looking forward to the forthcoming episodes. BAU 4 LIFE.


4 thoughts on “Criminal Minds – S09.01 – Inspiration

  1. It was also a blast to see such a fast-paced show after the exposition-heavy Revenge and Once! I mean, I love me some set up but the energy!drama!plot! was fun. 🙂 Although I’m not sure what the fake-out intro with JJ and Morgan was about, that was just annoying.

    And maybe Hotch could have the job but still be a bit active on the team? I just feel like he had a point where he said he doesn’t want an outsider coming in and messing with the team. Strauss did enough damage before ending up being on their side. Either way they’ll probably need to have either a new section chief or a new analyst, so we could see new blood soon!

  2. HUZZAH!!!!!! 😀 Unless he has to take the job so as to be able to go all Dad on newbie when he starts to try shenanigans with married-lady-JJ… Anything with more JJ makes my heart happy. I would watch a spin-off about her and Spence cooking dinner and sharing Pinterest ideas.

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