Under The Dome – Season 1

We can’t help but compare this to Lost (before it became too weird because die-hard fans guessed all the numerous endings), in that it started off with an interesting premise involving a mix-up societal order, strangers interacting in a difficult situation, and popular science fiction. However by the end of the season Miz was left wondering what the hell was going on and why had the series got so damn weird.

CBS’s adaption of Stephen King’s novel allegedly had a production budget of $3 million an episode, 11-15 million Americans sitting down to watch the hour-long finale, and (apparently) the ending of the season diverging from the book (which of course keeps keen fan interested). It started life as a limited season of 13 episodes but then its popularity became its downfall and enabled CBS to order another series laughing all the way to the bank.

The initial strength of this series was in the characters – a sociopath with a caring side, an evil to-the-bone town mayor, a candy-striper with a dangerous admirer, the mother from Sabrina who now owns and runs a diner, an affectionate and lovable inter-racial lesbian couple, and cute geeky kids – and the graphics at the edge of the dome separating Chester Mill from the surrounding (North Carolina ?) countryside. The cow split in two was a definite highlight, as was finding the leg of a picnic goer with blood leading off into the distance. Such fun!

The weirdness culminated in the season finale with the crowning of a monarch, pink stars falling in lines, religious prophecy, seeing dead people again, and the blacking out of the entire dome’s perimeter. Big Jim wanted to make a hangman’s noose and Barbie came off second best. [Miz would like to take this opportunity to profess her lust for Barbie, humma-nah hamma-nah.] The egg thing being the centre of the dome and the dome meant to be protecting the inhabitants was just odd; Miz and TechSupport aren’t convinced. Good thing the writers have a year to get the story straightened out and sustain the mysterious science fiction nature and hopefully doesn’t fall into the trap of Lost which crashed and burned by being too clever and mysterious. Maybe Under The Dome needs a polar bear? 😛

Look a polar bear in Under the Dome!!!


2 thoughts on “Under The Dome – Season 1

  1. Polar bears make everything better, Mizz. That’s science.

    But I am intrigued. I avoided UtD because I watched the first couple of eps of Kingdom Hospital and it was like playing Resident Evil – I was horribly confused and lost all the time and waiting for my then-boyfriend to jump out from behind the couch and scare me half to death. So I quit. But maybe I’ll have to reconsider my (admittedly hasty) Stephen King tv ban.

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