TV wrap: (aka what else has Miz been watching? )

Over the last couple of months Miz (with and without the help of TechSupport) has finished quite a few seasons of various tv shows. She feels that this blog wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a few of her thoughts about these shows …

Hannibal (season one) – Miz is a fan of serial killer dramas, criminal dramas, gory clever dramas. And this 2013 show was no exception. Parts of the series was slow going, but the cinematography and symbolism throughout the season was outstanding. The protrayal of Dr Lector by Mads Mikkelsen was mesmoirising and very very creepy, especially the scenes involving his masterful cooking of various body parts served to unsuspecting individuals. Season two has been ordered by NBC and promises another 13 episodes where Will Graham (who is a honey and played by High Dancy!) knows the truth about Lector, but whether he can convince everyone else that he is sane, is another question. However if you have a weak stomach for violence or thrillers, Miz advises discretion.

Under the Dome (season one) – Another 2013 show (this time produced at CBS) which encapsulates what happens to society when there is seemingly no law, order, food, fuel etc. It’s loosely based on the Stephen King novel and is thought provoking. The filming is fun, particularly in relation to the edges of the dome, even if some of the science is flawed (according to TechSupport) Miz is a couple of episodes away from the finale, so unsure if Barbie will emerge as the hero all the female audience wants him to be. Also been renewed for another season in 2014 which is no surprise considering how high dystopian novels and movies are incredibly popular these days.

True Blood (season 6) – Yes True Blood has got a bit weird. Yes it’s got a bit political. Yes there were only 10 episodes this season which left viewers disappointed. But Miz finds this a bit of a guilty pleasure. The love triangle between Erin, Bill and Sookie is engaging (though the books are way way better, well up until the last few…) and vampires are attractive. And how can you not watch it with an Australian and Kiwi as the leads, Pam who is so sassy, and the hottest vampire on the planet?! Rumour has it that HBO was renewed it for a seventh and final season next year. Yip, Miz will be watching this too and yelling “boobs” when such appear on screen so that TechSupport is interested!

Suits (season 3) – Part way through season 3 of Suits, we kind of tempered out of watching it. We will pick it up again but the political infighting was yawn inducing – bring back questionable moral victories by Harvey! That being said, if you haven’t watched this show, watch it. It’s LOL as well as admiring fashion tastes – and it’s super cool knowing that Harvey and Donna are best friends in real life!!

Miz just hanging with her homeboy

Finally a brief rundown of other shows that are interesting (if you’re still paying attention…):

  • QI – Starting from the beginning is hilarious. Miz likes Alan Davis; TechSupport doesn’t. Both like the jokes and the “gay agenda” is freaking hilarious c/o Mr Fry.
  • Supernautral – Up to season 3 and this is Miz’s guilty pleasure. She can watch hours of this show without blinking or moving form the couch.
  • Homeland – TechSupport and Miz watched season one and the twists were just too much. We do have season two to watch so maybe after GOT we will get to that. Nicholas Brody is portrayed pretty damn amazingly though.
  • Orange is the New Black – New series that follows the annoying Piper to prison. Strong female characters and makes for interesting tv to blob in front (and to see American Pie pie guy play an adult part).
  • Once Upon a Time and Revenge – Season 3 of these shows are about to start and Miz suspects that JJ and her will start blogging about these shows in earnest. Given the back and forth emails and facebook posts (oh the hilarity!), the big wide world might as well know what we think too!
  • How I Met Your Mother and New Girl– So course, these shows started over the last week and they are still up the top of our comedy love!! Bring them on. Every night. More please. Like reruns of Friends, I hope these are played for years to come.

Miz is good at #fangirling


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