The White Queen – S01.01 – In Love With the King

Does anyone else watch this? Miz is a sucker for anything Henry VIII/War of Roses related (and actually most of Philippa Gregory’s earlier works) so decided to watch the first episode. Lots of armour, politics, middles ages stuff…

Maybe Miz is watching too many shows (namely GoT!) that are confusing and non-contemporary that everything is getting messed up in her head. The political intrigue of this period in history is pretty fascinating (in hindsight I’m sure – bet it wasn’t if you were actually there!) but not sure if the show captured it (in comparison to the film The Other Boleyn Girl which was told well) and the medieval nature was almost too modern here… Also, she’s read this book and wasn’t impressed by the storytelling.

So thoughts? Should Miz keep watching?


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