Game of Thrones – S01.Ep03 – Lord Snow

Third episode in just as many days? Okay then, if you insist!

Verdict: YAWN. Miz didn’t like this episode as much as the previous two. Seemed to be a lot of political discussions and posturing and blah blah introduction of the lords of small matters and sibling lovers, no money in the coffers etc etc and so forth. At this stage we still like Tyrion though our joint suspicion is that this goodwill will change as he is a Lannister (Miz has got to the point that she spits on this house, even though she has no idea what they are actually going to do). Favourite storyline is the desert tribe and the dragon lady (who now appears to be “with child”). Mainly because of the promise of more sexytime and dragon-longing.

Miz and TechSupport have worked out the winning formula for the season based on their observations thus far (being so knowledgeable and all, cough):

(1) Lots of characters get introduced each episode – some will die and some will live – regardless watchers hate the Lannisters and suspect most of the viewers simply watch to see their comeuppance (which Miz suspects won’t happen);

(2) Nudity to keep the boys interested and handsome males to keep the ladies watching;

(3) Lots of talking and political discussions and positioning and alliances blah blah if you’re into that type of thing;

(4) Excellent set designs for all the kingdoms and props (we saw the throne for the first time this episode and it was impressive); and

finally (5) Last ten minutes reveals a big plot twist so upsetting that you forget the yawn-inducing stuff that came before.

Questions for JJ:

– Where is GoT shot? The forest and various sets are amazing and mind is blown.

– White walkers are really black. Confusing. And what’s the dealio with them?

– Any missing plot things that we should be looking out for that we have blatantly missed?


5 thoughts on “Game of Thrones – S01.Ep03 – Lord Snow

  1. ^^ This.
    As to the White Walkers, they come from the Lands of Always Winter beyond the Wall; they are always heralded by thick snow and seem almost to be born of it… The idea that they’re so tangled up with the snow explains why people haven’t seen them for so long – the long, long summer means they’ve been absent long enough to become a myth again.
    The Walkers themselves are quite white (skin and hair, though obvi there’s a bunch of dark thrown in as shading against the blizzardy backdrop for tv purposes), but they also have wights hanging about, which are the corpses they reanimate; you see this in the first episode and they’re basically GoT!Zombies, so they just look like dead, frozen people. Often a bit frostbitey.
    I think you’ve covered all the plot stuff – the main points are surprisingly easy to follow for such a dense show. 🙂

  2. I think the set design and filters on the camera are very clever. Lots of worlds but as an uninformed viewer, I can keep track! Hip hip hooray!

  3. I always thought that the White walkers were different to the wights (zombies), as in the wights are dead people (the little girl etc) but the walkers are something more (white hair, aged complexion).

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