Criminal Minds – Season 9

Miz is the first one to admit that she’s been addicted to Criminal Minds since the very first episode all those years. She even attempted to watch the spin off series (it was awful) and has read some of the published fan fiction. She loves all the current characters (though Gideon is her favourite EVER), however admits that the last couple of series have gone downhill in terms of character development and plausible plots.

However it looks as though people in the wide world of television also agree as it’s been announced that that season 9 will get into the back-stories of the characters, in particular JJ: What did she do at the State Department, why did she come back = ie all of season 6 before the producers realised that she needed to be bought back to the show as the ratings were going downhill without her! Also there will be a new cast member (played by Esai Morales) who has worked with JJ in the past (presumably during season 6) and is an ex-FBI agent. Oh la la!

Miz is looking forward to finding all the hidden easter eggs given she’s watched this show since its inception. The writers are all intelligent wee ducks and we look forward to them screwing with fan heads.


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