The Block – NZ

Miz is the first to admit that she is pretty addicted to The Block (aka if she miss an episode I watch it on demand into the early hours of the morning). Stupid reality tv shows sucking you in with all the twists and turns! For those outside NZ, The Block is a renovation show which pits together four sets of couples and makes them compete, room-by-room, against one another, on a budget, to complete an entire renovation in 10 weeks. Dear golly it’s exciting!

Miz’s thoughts thus far:

Loz and Tom – These guys are awesome. Love their attitudes and they just come across really relatable!! GO A TEAM!! [Miz may be bias as she went to high school with Loz.]

Pete and Andy – These guys will win the popular vote by leaps. They are just simply funny but they must be hell for their neighbours but the whole of NZ would a watch travel show hosted by these two. Hilarious.

Alice and Caleb – This married couple must be the smilest, nicest people on the planet. They are so cheery, dance all the time, and the risks you take in their property are refreshing!

Alisa and Koan –  These guys are playing a different game and are not looking to make friends! Koan annoys Miz the most and but they are all so political and strategic. Kinda like GoT. Cough. Super smart and crafty, but that doesn’t win you friends. Miz likes friends.

Miz is hooked. It’s on tv3 Monday to Wednesday’s nights from 7.30pm. Or you can watch it from overseas here.



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