GoT – S01.Ep02 – The Kingsroad

So Miz sat down to watch this episode tonight. THERE ARE SNIFFLES AND she’s holding her kitty cat tight while simultaneously throwing all the soft toys at the tv screen and yelling “NO ONE LIKES YOU LANNISTERS! PISS OFF”. Put that thing back where it came from or so help me!

Side note: TechSupport [“Miz’s significant other”] has read this book so knows what is coming up. Maybe he can guest blog at some stage as he is finding Miz’s reactions of the last 5 minutes of every episode priceless.

Hearts are not strong enough for this much heartbreak. We’re going to have to stagger these episodes in our household. How on earth do people handle these cliffhangers if they only watch this show weekly? Modern technology/dvds are great!

Miz’s six reflections for this episode:

1: It must be hard to ride a horse all day (chaffing, bleeding hands), and then have to control the “bedroom” at night. It’s probably better if you become the dragon master (assumption!). Still unsure if dragons are to be used for good or for bad.

2: Tyrion is a hilarious character and very well written. Peter plays him so well. He has the best one liners!

3: Here’s hoping the little man goes and kills all the mean Lannisters and just basically screws them over. Go you little man and Arya. Though considering Miz likes these two little characters, she suspect that George will kill them off soon.

4: Most sympathy goes to Snow. Mr Stark even cried a bit saying goodbye, and it can’t be easy being a bastard, having to give up your life, live next door to rapists, and wear black all the time. Totes emotes.

5: What the blooming hell is the wall meant to represent? Who built the wall and surely ice isn’t very effective at keeping those evil black spirit dudes out? Miz hopes that Tyrion will indeed piss off the wall.

6: Wolves are rapidly becoming Miz’s favourite animal but they are probably frowned upon as pets in NZ. ALso TechSupport said they couldn’t own one, party pooper. Miz would like to sleep in a bed of furry pelts though (much better than wearing cow pants, pants, magic pants).


2 thoughts on “GoT – S01.Ep02 – The Kingsroad

  1. Lord Stark does not cry!
    Not mere wolves but Direwolves!
    John Snow is a bastard, oh but u got that one
    There is a lot of chafing on this show

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