Game of Thrones – S01.Ep01 – Winter is coming

Let’s get this straight from the beginning – Miz is not much of  fantasy or political tv series watcher. Any shows that involve characters that all look the same are very confusing for her. So it is with trepidation that she sat down to watch the first episode of the most popular (and expensive?) tv show at the moment – Game of Thrones. Yes Miz did try to read the books once upon a time. She couldn’t wrap her head around the characters. More of a “visual” learner is Miz (or that’s what she’s claiming today!).

To be fair she spent most of this hour-long show shaking her head in confusion. Then she worked out that George and the screenwriters helpfully gave her some hints as to characters – namely, gave all 5 Stark kids wolves. Very helpful indeed. And the wolves were cute.

This escalated quickly into a few passionate reactions finally culminating in her literally throwing stuff at the tv screen. Thus, here starts Miz’s five reactions for this episode:

1: You may look like a chiseled disney prince, but princes do NOT canoodle their sisters. Step away from the sister.

2: You stay away from her – she’s your sister!! Also, YOU stay away from HER! She’s your sister! Also, you stay away from HIM – he’s evil. [Miz doesn’t know much about this show except that (a) King Jeffrey (sp?) Prince Joffrey is evil and (b) everyone dies.]

3: Boobs. No wonder this show is popular.

4: Damn that desert warrior [Karl Khal Drogo] is ripped. Hope he’s nice. Though he probably won’t be. Good thing that there will be dragons. But are dragons nice or not nice? I’m so not up with my dragon folklore.

5: Why do all the ladies cloaks in the Winterdfell place brush along the ground? Make them slightly shorter and there would be less washing.


6 thoughts on “Game of Thrones – S01.Ep01 – Winter is coming

  1. Can I do a corrections reply to your GoT blog? Never mind I’ll do one anyway.
    1. Prince Joffrey is a shit
    2. The ladies in Winterfell
    3. Desert warrior = Karl Drogo

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